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This is about Janice, my wife. My name is Robert. We live south of London, UK.
Janice had endometrial cancer in 1987, from which she was not expected to survive. Chemotherapy, which was ineffective, was followed rapidly by intensive radiotherapy over many months. This was intended to be palliative, and to try to control the intense pain. It was some considerable time before the therapy ameliorated the pain.  Also, a very effective breakthrough came with a skilfully administered pain block. Ultimately, the radiotherapy was more effective than anyone dared to hope, as all these years later she is still alive, but still experiences problems.
Although all this treatment has dealt with the cancer, it has left a legacy of severe damage to the small bowel. This manifested itself several months after the end of treatment, by a bout of intense pain and vomiting over very many hours. This was, as we knew later, a bowel blockage. In the earlier years following treatment, there were many repetitions of these attacks, perhaps every 4-6 months, but as time has progressed the frequency also increased to about every 3 weeks.
We are unable to plan anything, go on holiday for example, as we never know when an attack will kick in, which is now very soon after the initial indication.
With attacks this frequent, including vomiting and pain which could last up to 16 hours, with many days to recover, Janice was not rehabilitating enough to withstand the onslaught of the next attack.
In August 2000 she had a series of attacks lasting in total 7 days. Each time it appeared to be on the wane, it would kick in again. She needed a further week to recover from this.
The effect over this many years is gradual debilitation. She was working as full time as possible between these attacks. Thankfully, her employers were very accommodating but she made an arrangement with them whereby she did not get paid for time taken off work for these attacks or the recovery time needed. From June 07 she retired. See Update link for a summary to date.

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